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Meet our Alumni: Emeline Settlemyre

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Emeline Settlemyre

Class of 2009

The sense of community at FISW helped Emeline Settlemyre feel comfortable being her complete self. This has allowed Emeline to explore wonderful creative and professional opportunities. She is currently completing her sophomore year at Utah Valley University, while also dancing professionally with the Utah Metropolitan Ballet.

The sense of community at FISW helped me have an amazing elementary school experience, which set me up for the rest of my life.

How would you describe the education that you receive at FISW?The FISW teachers and staff tailor to students’ specific needs. The kind, warm, and welcoming learning environment helped me learn the most efficiently possible.

What is the impact for you of being bilingual?

Being bilingual allowed me to connect with such a diverse amount of people, to meet new people through the bilingual community, and to comfortably travel.

What were the most memorable aspects of your education at FISW?The opportunity to be immersed in the French culture in 5th grade by traveling to France and living with a French family for about a week was an experience I will never forget.

How did FISW prepare you for middle school, high school, and life in general?

FISW helped me understand the importance of community and how classmates can turn into family.

What is your fondest memory at FISW?

I remember being friends with everyone in my class and feeling comfortable enough to be my complete self.

How do you remember your teachers?

I loved every single one. They always made sure that I was comfortable and able to gain so much important knowledge.

Did you keep in contact with your FISW friends?

We sometimes have FISW dinners. I hope to be lifelong friends with a couple of my classmates I went to Middle and High School with after FISW.

What did you do after you left FISW?

I attended Tillicum Middle School and Interlake High School. I am now in Orem, Utah at Utah Valley University and dancing professionally with Utah Metropolitan Ballet.

How has FISW helped you pursue your dreams?

The sense of community helped me have an amazing Elementary school experience, which set me up for the rest of my life.

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