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School Counselor

We are delighted to introduce our School Counselor, Melissa Benaroya.


It is an important step forward for our school, which has always focused on student, teacher, and community well-being.


In these post-pandemic times, recent studies have shown that there is a need to catch up on the social and emotional development that the students might have missed for two years.


It is also an opportunity for us to develop a comprehensive approach to social emotional learning and integrate it more deeply into our character education program and DEIB initiatives. 

Our School Counselor, Melissa Benaroya
We are proud to introduce you to our school counselor, Melissa Benaroya

"I am excited to introduce myself as your child’s school counselor! I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful school and community! It is my intention to build meaningful relationships with every one of our students, and to collaborate with parents and teachers to ensure the success of all students! I have been working with children and families for 25+  years and feel passionately about finding ways to ensure that all children thrive."

School Counseling

The mission of the FISW counseling
program is to recognize and respect the
unique qualities of each student and
guide all students toward academic,
social, and emotional success. By
collaborating with educators, families of
students, and members of the
community, using a comprehensive
guidance program, maintaining high
expectations for all students, and
addressing barriers to learning, we aim
to provide students with the skills,
knowledge, and attitude to become
effective learners and productive
members of their communities.


ALL students CAN and WILL learn
• ALL students regardless of race,
ethnicity, religious beliefs, culture,
disability, and economic status will
• School counseling plays a MAJOR
role in a student’s overall educational
• ALL students have access to their
school counselor
• ALL students/families’ information
• The counsellor will use DATA to
assist in developing GOALS and

Services Provided

Classroom Lessons
• Group Counseling*
• Individual Counseling*
• Community Resource Referrals
• Resource to Teachers
*Please note: the school counselor
DOES NOT provide “therapy” or
“traditional counseling” Counseling
taking place at school is:
• Brief and solution-focused.
• Groups are educational in nature
• Referrals for outside counseling
services are available if students
need additional support.

To learn more about Melissa, please check out her website:

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