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A Preschool student is showing the date in French to the English Teacher

Bilingual &

Our bilingual and pluricultural educational program is a structured, challenging, and rigorous curriculum blending French and US standards

Two elementary students are talking to each other and are working as a duo
International students are doing their end of school show

Mission and Values

Our Mission


FISW provides an excellent bilingual education in a welcoming environment that encourages critical thinking and curiosity.

Our philosophy


The French Immersion School of Washington is a mission driven, student centered, international preschool and elementary school.


We believe in a close-knit community that is an essential part of our 25 years of history.


Our bilingual and pluricultural educational program is a structured, challenging, and rigorous curriculum blending French and US standards to cultivate character strengths, independence, and a sense of responsibility in our students.


We are multi-accredited, and we take pride in our ability to provide a world-class education to students from all backgrounds.


We are committed to providing a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse environment that fosters a sense of belonging for all.  

Our values

Academic Excellence: Our child-centered education promotes intellectual and personal growth through a bilingual education that is challenging, comprehensive, and humanistic.


Curiosity: Our students learn by observing, asking powerful questions, and drawing conclusions. Our education is process-driven, instead of results-driven, so that children develop a joy of learning and enjoy exploring, discovering, making mistakes, and learning from these mistakes.


Core Values Respect: Our safe environment allows students to take on responsibilities and learn to make good and respectful choices. Through a complete education that goes beyond academics, students become independent, take risks, grow, and learn.


Collaboration/Community: Our school is rooted in community. Our families, teachers and staff share a mutual commitment to a child-centered education and the positive impact of this approach, which creates an environment where relationships and learning flourish. All our community members are intrinsically motivated to grow, to gain new knowledge, and to question ideas and methods. Our students listen to, understand, and respect different perspectives. They learn from each other and work effectively in teams with peers and adults.


Communication: Our students have diverse and global perspectives. They effectively communicate their thoughts in French and English. They master the norms of communication specific to these two languages and cultures.

A preschool student doing activity in clas
Kindergarten students playing Jambe in class with their French Teacher Patrice
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