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Annual Giving: Learning Beyond Borders

Annual Giving directly supports our annual budgetary needs and starts in the Fall. Your gift directly benefits our students and is a true philanthropic effort that makes the school a better place. Like all independent non-profit schools, annual tuition feeds do not cover the complete cost of educating a student at FISW. This 'gap' in funding at FISW was $1,500 per student in 2019-20. Suggested giving is the gap, but we encourage everyone to give to the best of their ability to show support for the FISW mission.

How and why do we give to FISW?

Your kind contribution directly benefits every student by strengthening this unique learning environment. Give the gap to support learning beyond borders at FISW.

Giving Tiers

Supporters (Up to $1,399)

Sustainers ($1,400 Gap)

Expanders ($1,401 to $9,999)

Strategic Thinkers ($10,000+)

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