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Beyond the Classroom

Our students benefit from active learning that hinges on piquing a student’s curiosity by posing questions, problems or scenarios rather than simply presenting established facts or portraying a smooth path to knowledge.


Students discover, explore, question in depth, seek answers, and solve problems. They actively practice new skills. As they gain new knowledge, they find purpose and interest in these skills. They reflect, share with others, and, finally, build and design based on what they have learned.


In the process, students develop a love of learning. They understand the value of making mistakes and start taking risks. 

The Arts


We take great pride in our arts program that is embedded in our curriculum and includes performing and visual arts as well as singing.


The visual and performing arts curriculum at FISW teaches students far more than basic skills. Through individual and collaborative projects, students are encouraged to develop their abilities and discover a lifelong love of the arts while actively engaging in qualitative problem solving, technology, and aesthetic literacy.


Each year our performing arts calendar includes numerous performance opportunities: class plays, choral performances, and a full-length end of the year Spectacle. Students learn to write and perform plays, create sets, sing and operate the sound and lighting systems.


Our visual arts curriculum encourages self-expression and artistic choices. It also develops an appreciation of the world and of the history of the arts.


We emphasize artistic skills, sustained practice, and risk taking. Connections are constantly being made between our academic and artistic curricula to reinforce students’ learning.

End of year Spectacle/Show in front of the parents. They sang Heal the World all together on stage with a rainbow in the back
End of school year show/spectacle in front of parents
Smiling group of elementary students wearing tie and dye tshirts before their show
Elementary happy students wearing their musician costumes after their show
Kindergarten show with cherry blossoms dancing in a chinese music with traditional costumes
A fifth grade student learning how the different knots before going sailing with her class in Lake Union Seattle, WA
Students practicing sports outdoor at Sambica's field, Bellevue
A scenic picture of two fifth graders sailing a small boat in Lake Union, Seattle
Elementary students smiling at us and playing in the recess area during summer
A group of happy elementary students in the Sambica field and playing as teams
A group of fourth graders in their kayak and listening to their kayaking teacher



Physical education is an essential part of a child’s education and is embedded in our French curriculum. Students engage in physical activities both individually and in a team setting.


In Preschool, our curriculum is focused on developing our students’ gross motor skills, coordination, ability to respect the rules of a game, and cooperation.


In Elementary School, students further develop their fundamental and advanced motor skills while being introduced to new movements, techniques, and patterns. They engage actively in different sports: team sports, athletics, water sports (swimming, kayaking, sailing).


These activities help students improve their self-confidence and their ability to cooperate. Physical education provides students with opportunities to increase their level of physical fitness and appreciation of efforts.

Extended Day


FISW offers extended day in the morning starting at 7:45 am and in the evening until 5:30 pm, on almost all school days. It is billed separately from tuition.

Extended care is also available during the fall, mid-winter, and spring breaks.


After School Activities


Our after-school activities provide students with opportunities to explore new skills and talents and do their homework with supportive staff. We offer a wide variety of classes for all ages in French and in English.


Enrichment classes may include: yoga, ballet, cooking, climbing, theater, science, French homework, chess club, sewing, STEAM, theater, and arts and crafts.

Summer Camp


Joinus on a fun, interactive immersion adventure with children of all backgrounds and experience levels! FISW Summer Camp offers 5 week-long sessions each with a different theme.

Each theme is approached through active games, fun activities, guest presentations, and, for campers 5 and older, weekly field trips, all while being immersed in French! Camp is conducted in French, but previous French language experience is not required.


Open to students ages 2.5 through 11. Young campers must be fully potty-trained, with school experience. All sessions from 9 am to 3 pm. Afternoon garderie (extended day) options are available from 3-5:30 pm on a weekly basis.

A student is creating a delicious swirl in the cooking class
A preschool student with a costume of robot is making a crepe/french pancake with her teacher
Students working in group in class
A group of happy Elementary students enjoying the nice weather on a structure in the recess area
Cooking Enrichment Class
Elementary Students in Bellevue studying at the Library

Field Trip


Our students also develop knowledge, skills and values from direct experiences outside the academic setting through service learning, daytime field trips, overnight field trips, and a trip to France.


Service learning: Students learn to serve their community.  This provides them with the opportunity to take initiative, make decisions, and be accountable for the results. 


Day field trips: We take advantage of resources in our local community to enrich the FISW educational experience. Our students benefit from field trips throughout the school year to local theaters, museums, and environmental centers. These experiences outside the classroom allow students to explore firsthand what they have studied in class and build connections between the classroom and the outside world.

Overnight field trips: In 4th grade our students participate in a two-night experience at Mt. Rainier Institute. Overnight trips develop in them a sense of community, responsibility, and independence.

International field trip: Our 5th graders’ bilingual education culminates with an exchange trip to France for ten days.  Students and accompanying teachers spend time at our sister school, a small French elementary school in Normandy, while also exploring the area and connecting their studies with French history and culture.

Campers gaze in awe at a colossal iron sculpture resembling a mouse at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM)
Two preschool students are proud to show their art during the summer camp
The elementary campers visited a Vietnamese Pagoda in Seattle with a guide
A Kindergartner student is looking at us through his art he has just created
A camper and her teacher are watering the garden during the summer camp
Elementary students are visiting the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) and are looking at African art in display
Fifth graders embark on a journey at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, simulating the life of an astronaut  in a space cabin
Second Graders in a field trip at the Botanic Garden in Bellevue
Fifth Grade students in France visiting Reims
Preschoolers explore nature on campus trails, connecting with the outdoors
5th grader explores France with correspondent, discovering culture, landmarks, and friendship
Students are playing in the recess area
A group of preschool students enjoys nature in the trail behind the campus
A fifth grade graduate visits Paris, France in a Fly boat and is in front of the Eiffel Tower
Three elementary international students are working in group in the library
A student is reading a book in front of a bookshelf in the library
Students are working around a blue in group at the library
The current library set up with blue table

FISW Library


Our bilingual library holds over 20,000 volumes in French and in English. Students in all grades visit the library twice each week, once with their French teacher and once with their English teacher, to check out books. We also hold weekly parent library hours on Wednesday afternoons.

It is important to us that all students develop a love of learning early on. Our librarian works with teachers on pedagogical projects and helps students select books according to their interests and reading level.

We offer a family time in the library each Wednesday and story time the first Saturday of each month.

learning outside the classroom

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