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A happy 5th Grader received her Graduation Certificate and posing with her whole family in front of the FISW background in the recess area
A 5th Grader wearing his Graduation Hat showing us his Graduation Certificate
Set up for a graduation ceremony in the recess area
Happy Graduates showing their Certificate after their ceremony
A Graduate student posing with some props in gold and black
A 5th Grade students doing a speech in front of the parents during a Graduation Ceremony

Middle School

continuing French Program

The FISW journey does not end in fifth grade. We are thrilled to offer students an opportunity to continue their French education at FISW in Middle School. We currently offer the French Program from 6th to 8th Grade.

The French Class Allows our Students

• To become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural adults
• To read the classics of French literature and analyze them
• To study history and geography in French
• To think in depth in French and learn to prove your point in French
• To write argumentative texts and to take part in oral debates

Five Hours of Class a Week. A choice between online and in-person participation:

  • 4 hours of French language arts

  • 1 hour of history and geography

  • Weekly homework that includes reading and writing

French Language Arts
Curriculum Goals

  • The major goal of the FISW French curriculum is to use the language

  • with pleasure, to express one’s thoughts, and creativity with ease.

  • To achieve this goal, the students will study classical and ancient literature, as well as novels written specifically for adolescents.

  • The books or novels read in this class enable students to understand better the roots and the aspects of French culture.

  • Every unit is built around the literary in-depth study of a novel, play, comics…

History and Geography
Curriculum Goals

  • History and geography seek to encourage students to understand the world that surrounds them.

  • The content of this program is as important as the skills and concepts that will be covered in this course (introduction to research, commentaries on written and non-written sources, map reading, etc.).

What will students be doing?

  • Researching

  • Participating

  • Investigating

  • Asking questions

  • Gaining New Knowledge

  • Learning New Vocabulary

The class follows the French Ministry of Education curriculum.


In addition to our alumni, the program is open to students from outside FISW who speak, read, and write in French at a grade level. Do not hesitate to email for more information. We would be very happy to discuss the program in more detail.

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