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Meet Our Alumni: Nick Bhend

Nick Bhend

Class of 2011

Applying for college this year was an opportunity for 2011 FISW Graduate Nick Bhend to reflect on the impact that his bilingual education at FISW had on his life and his education. The impact was both interpersonal and academic, allowing him to communicate with his family in France, to connect with others as he helped them with their language skills, and to share a unique and diverse perspective in his college application essays. A current senior at Mount Si High School, Nick is enrolled in the Running Start program, which will allow him to graduate this Spring with an AA degree from Bellevue College in addition to his high school diploma.

FISW was a truly enriching experience that revealed opportunities and experiences that have shaped the person who I am today and the goals that I want to accomplish.

How would you describe the education that you received at FISW?

The educational experience at FISW was invigorating, challenging, and enriching.

What is the impact for you of being bilingual?

Being bilingual has opened up so many possibilities for me, such as being able to communicate with my family in France and to help other people enhance their personal language skills. The immersion school experience provided me with a unique perspective for college application essays. I just received my letter of acceptance from the University of Washington - Bothell Campus and I know my experiences at FISW enhanced my application.

What were the most memorable aspects of your education at FISW?

The teachers and the students were the highlights of FISW. The teachers are all amazing people with a passion for teaching who are dedicated to the success of their students.

How did FISW prepare you for Middle School, high school, and life in general?

FISW immersed me in a whole other side of the world that I never would have seen otherwise, which helped me greatly in preparing for middle and high school as well as life in general.

What is your fondest memory at FISW?

The trip to France was unforgettable. France is an amazing place full of culture and life, and being able to be a part of it was something that I will truly never forget.

What did you do after you left FISW?

After FISW, I went to Tillicum Middle School and participated in the FBA (French Bilingual Association). After that, I went to Mount Si High School and am currently a full time Running Start student at Bellevue College. I will graduate from high school this June with my high school diploma, plus my AA degree from Bellevue College. I plan to attend the University of Washington in the fall of 2018 and pursue Computer Science.

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