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World Book Day

With The Lutins (1st Grade)

The Lutins celebrated World Book Day, an occasion that is all about celebrating the wonderful power of books and the joy of reading. It’s especially meant to help encourage a love of reading in children, but people of all ages can recognize and celebrate the day. For this occasion, Elisabeth, our librarian, came to our classroom to talk to the Lutins about books, the importance of reading to learn, and also the pleasure of reading that allows us to travel and live wonderful adventures through stories.

Elisabeth talked also about the different types of books including comics, chapter books, and book series. She also explained how a book is created with the cooperation of the author, the illustrator, and the publisher. Finally, to complete this great celebration, Elisabeth helped the Lutins create their own little book. The Lutins greatly enjoyed celebrating World Book Day, which shows their love and passion for books. 

As acclaimed author Alan Bennett once said: “A book is a device to ignite the imagination.” So whichever way you choose to celebrate World Book Day, make sure it is an awesome and educational experience for you and your little ones. 😊