Let's enhance our school Grounds 

with the Wolves (1st/2nd Grade) and Friends

A year ago, our team of teachers rewrote the School Project. They decided that eco-citizenship and environmental education should occupy a more important place in student learning and so a whole new line of activities was dedicated to these subjects. 


But making our school greener and educating our students on sustainable development is not easy. Thus, we decided to proceed in stages. 


The project began last year on the theme of the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. From young preschool to 5th grade, students were sensitized to the amount of waste they were producing each day and tried to find ways to reduce it. Each class also reused garbage in artistic productions that were exhibited in the school. 


This year, our students took advantage of World Clean Up Day to reflect together on the impact of our waste on the environment. They decided to organize teams to pick up garbage in the surrounding of the school and to learn how to sort and reduce waste. 


Each week, two classes were responsible for cleaning the building and its surroundings. The Royal Eagles (5th Grade) explained to the Bees (Kindergarten) how to use the different recycle and garbage  bins. The Elves (1st Grade) and Cougars (Kindergarten) cleared the school yard. As for the Black Panthers (4th Grade) and the Wolves (1st-2nd Grade), they cleaned the parking lot and the road that leads to Sambica. In the process, they made some funny discoveries ... 


The kids loved working together around this project! 

Remaining efforts will focus outside the school, mainly in the courtyard. We would like to create an educational garden in which our students can plant flowers, vegetables and aromatic herbs but also discover the animals that live there. For this, wooden planters will be built. In addition, we would also like to utilize "recycled" clay pots to increase our planting area. So if you have pots at home that you do not use, we would be happy to reuse them. Just think about sending an email to Marco first and he will tell you if they'll suit our garden or not.


Thank you very much in advance ! We cannot wait to start.