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First People of Western Washington with The Third Graders
With Megan Heck (English Teacher)

The third graders have been working hard learning about the First Peoples of Western Washington and the environment here!


We have spent a lot of time discussing the importance of salmon to the local culture and why it is important to protect their habitats. Over the past few weeks, we have created beautiful group collages to show our understanding of the natural environment and show off our knowledge of the plants and animals that call Western Washington home. The students had a lot of fun working in teams to create the background, mid-ground, and foreground for our scenes.


Then, we had a museum in our class! The students got a chance to observe the different tools and items that Indigenous people have created out of the resources available in our region. They had a lot of fun exploring and deciding which category each item in the museum belongs in (tools, nature, everyday items).


We're finishing off the unit by reading some stories set here in the PNW and taking a look at traditional art before we head off to break and begin a new region afterwards. 

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