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Dear FISW Families,  


We hope 2023 is off to a great start and that you enjoyed the holiday break. 


FISW is committed to providing our students with a bilingual education in a welcoming environment that encourages critical thinking and curiosity. As we enter a new year, the Board of Directors and school leadership are looking ahead. Attending FISW requires an investment, and we want to help you plan for the 2023 / 24 school year. To continue delivering on our mission, the board approved a 9.5 percent increase in tuition for the coming school year in consideration of the following:  


Inflation & Cost of Living Increases 

Our board, administration, and families are dedicated to ensuring that FISW educators are fairly compensated for their excellent work. FISW allots 77 percent of its annual operating budget to educator compensation. For the coming school year, FISW teachers, assistants, and staff will receive a pay raise to meet cost-of-living demands brought by inflation and to offer competitive salaries in the current market. This empowers consistency in our classrooms and supports the well- being of our educators through strong compensation and benefits. 


Health Care Rates on the Rise 

Significant cost increases for benefits, in particular health care, are a common experience for U.S. employers. This year for instance, our health care benefits package remains the same, but costs 24 percent more. We want to maintain competitive health care coverage. Keeping our teachers, assistants, and administrative staff healthy and well is a priority that benefits us all. 


Investing in Improving Student Experiences 

An FISW education is an asset that pays lifelong dividends, and we plan to keep it that way. For the 2023 / 24 school year we are making mission-aligned investments in two key areas:

  1. Social emotional learning is part of a well-rounded student experience. We are working to add a staff member to support healthy behaviors and character development.

  2. Updating classrooms to support student engagement through flexible learning spaces, tailored to the age of the students, that allow for differentiation in the classroom. We are continuing to renovate more classrooms and investing in relevant technology such as Smart Boards. 

We understand families face financial constraints with the shifting economy. We do not want cost to be a barrier to an excellent education for your child or children. If financial considerations are a concern, please connect with us to discuss options for tuition assistance.  


Kindest regards,  


                                      Mpitulo Kala-Lufulwabo                                                     Yvan Tabellion  

                                                 Board Chair                                                               Head of School 


Tuition & Important Dates 


Tuition 2023-2024  

Elementary School  

Preschool (Moyens and Petits) Full Days        $ 22,400  

Preschool 5 Mornings (Moyens and Petits)    $ 15,400  

Preschool 3 Mornings (Petits)                           $ 9,700 


A reminder about the important dates regarding reenrollment for 2023-24:  

  • Financial Aid Applications are due on January 16

  • Admissions Applications for Siblings New to FISW are due on January 16

  • Re-enrollment contracts are sent the week of January 23

  • Re-enrollment contracts and deposit are due February 6

  • Re-enrollment contracts become binding on May 1  

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