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Travel Policy

Under our Health and Safety COVID-19 Addendum

As we approach the Fall Break, please keep in mind our school's travel policy (page 8) under our Health and Safety COVID-19 Addendum and the CDC guidelines for travel.


  • Avoid nonessential travel. Anyone who travels during the school year must review and maintain compliance with the CDC guidelines for travel (click here). 

  • When you travel please inform the staff of the date of travel and destination. If you are traveling in a level 3 country or region, FISW will follow Department of Health recommendations. After travel in a level 3 region you will have to quarantine for 14 days or quarantine and take a test 5 days after your return. Click here to view the CDC risk assessment level of your destination.

CDC risk assessment level of your destination>

CDC Travel Guidelines>

FISW Health and Safety COVID-19 Addendum>

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