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The Topographic Maps

With The Cheetahs (4th Grade)


The 4th graders were able to put their knowledge of WA's changing terrain into action by creating topographic maps of our state.


After weeks of learning about the different landforms, and how they can be represented on a map, the Cheetahs made a 2D version, using different colors to show lowlands, plains and mountain ranges here in WA.


Then, using this map we worked as a class to each make our own 3D map out of playdoh and salt dough. The students were careful to make the Olympic mountains very small in comparison to the Cascades through the center of the state! Then, they carefully drew in the rivers before letting their maps dry over spring break.


Once they were dry, the Cheetahs painted their topographic maps to reflect the different landforms and make their versions look like the professional ones!

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