Les Serpents (Third Grade) Study Fairy Tales in English Class

For the last few weeks, the 3rd grade class has been working on Fairy Tales. We mainly focused on the Cinderella story. As a class, we read the English and Chinese versions of Cinderella. We compared the two stories using a Venn diagram.  


Students participated in collaborative discussions about the stories. We asked and answered questions before, during, and after reading the stories to demonstrate understanding. The group was able to describe the characters, find the main ideas, and key details of the stories. 


In co-teaching, the class started working on a play called “Cendrillon Dépoussiérée.”  It is a different version of the Cinderella story.  The play has fourteen scenes, seven of which are in English and seven in French. The students are very excited and doing a wonderful job at acting all the scenes.

At the end of the unit, the students will present the play in front of other classes.