The Bertolt Tree With Emilie And The Kindergartners (Bees & Cougars)

In March, both Kindergarten classes have read the book Bertolt, written and illustrated by Jacques Goldstyn.


The Bees had the opportunity to meet the talented French-English bilingual author part of the extended effort of Made in France. Bertolt is a lovely story about a young boy who is quite different from the other children his age, but he doesn't mind. His best friend is a very old oak tree.


Their friendship is perfect, until one year, Bertolt does not wake up comes springtime. The young boy decides to collect all kinds of gloves and mittens from the local schools' lost-and-founds, and he gives Bertolt a new life, decorating its bare branches with the lost items. 

The Bees and the Cougars have been hard at work since April. They are continuously making more mittens and gloves that we are laminating and adding to the bare branches of our own Bertolt, a dead hazel tree that I brought over. Sometimes, the end of a journey is just the beginning of a new one.