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Meet our Gouvernement D'Ecole (School Government)

The Governement 2022.jpg

Dear FISW Community,
This year, the FISW is setting up a school government.

Each class from 1st to 5th has launched its election campaign! The candidates presented their ideas to their classmates and prepared their election posters.
The students in each class then voted for their two delegates following the protocol of a French election. They went to the ‘’Isoloir’’ to put two names in an envelope and put it in the ballot box.
We congratulate all the candidates for their courage and motivation in the electoral process.
The elected delegates will be the spokespersons of their class for the school year and will participate in 4 school councils in the presence of the PreSchool/Elementary Director and Head of School in order to vote on decisions, proposals, and rules proposed by the different classes.

We are very proud to present the elected members of the first FISW school government:

  • Jonathan Lake

  • Penelope Drake

  • Margarita Teriakidis

  • Remy Kraeger

  • Zoe Pritchett

  • Luciana Arrioja

  • Theodore Desmarais

  • Emilia Marquart

  • Chloe Spitz

  • Nora Jain

  • Violette Barratt

  • Jano Dreschler

  • Rémy Lanoiselet

  • Raia Harstad

  • Mia Dao Bellec

  • Sebastien Poutonnet

Thank you for representing our school!

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