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Friendship with Les Lutins (First Grade)

Before the break, the Lutins participated in a great project about Friendship. In fact, the students worked together to restore a former art project that represents the “Fish of Friendship” done a couple years ago by former students. The fish was displayed in the school hallway and, with time, lost some of its scales.  It was time for the Lutins to use their magic to fix it on one hand, and on the other to review the importance of friendship in our lives. 

First, the Lutins read the story of “Arc-En-Ciel” le poisson or “Rainbow” Fish in French and in English. The book tells the story of a beautiful but lonely fish that sacrificed all its glittering scales to have friends among the fish of the ocean. After reading the story in both languages, the Lutins listed all the vocabulary about friendship from the story. Also, the students listed all the qualities they like most about their own friends. Then, the Lutins wrote each quality and word about friendship on small paper with the shape of a scale; then they pasted the scales on the fish to replace the lost ones.

Finally, the Lutins happily met with the Bees from the kindergarten class to read the story of “Rainbow” to them, and then to discuss the importance of friendship and how good friends can help us celebrate good times and provide support during bad times. They encourage healthy behaviors and help build our confidence as well. 

The Lutins were very proud to add their magic touch to fix the art project about friendship. With “Rainbow” fish, they learned that Friendships are very important for their well-being and happiness, and that nothing beats a beautiful friendship.