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learning about world music with les cougars (K)

The Cougars class discovered music and instruments from all over the world. Families and teachers shared music they listen to at home. We listened to them in class, we  learned more about the instruments used, and we had discussions. We learned to name and recognize instruments such as the bagpipe, the tabla, the sitar, the djembe, the kayamb, and the didgeridoo….

A kayamb and a didgeridoo were brought to the classroom. The kayamb is a traditional instrument from Réunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean. The didgeridoo is a traditional instrument of the Aboriginals from Australia.  We also watched a video showing how it is made.

The students listened to live music played by Elsa’s mom (the flute), Sampson’s dad (the guitar), and Patrice (the blues harmonica).

We learned a song called O Lé Lé, which is a nursery rhyme from Congo, and the students used their imagination to represent musical instruments through visual arts.

Music is such a great way to show the diversity of the world we live in. It also brings people together. The children were fascinated by the different instruments, melodies, rhythms, and languages.

We hope the children will be inspired to listen to music from all over the world at home and interested in learning more about the different cultures they come from.

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