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The Bees (K) Participate

In The "Prix Albertine Jeunesse"


The Prix Albertine Jeunesse is a reader’s choice award, which invites children to choose their favorite book from a selection of works of Francophone children’s literature. We began studying the first of the Albertine selection, Pompon Ours by Benjamin Chaud, as well as the English Version Little bear's big house. 


This book immersed us in the universe of forest animals. We became interested in bears and their way of life. To learn more, we read nonfiction books and watched videos of bears in nature.


The students then dictated sentences to explain what the bear does throughout the different seasons of the year.


In the story, Little Bear wants to become a little boy, so he visits a big a house. We studied the vocabulary of the different furnishings in a house. In English, the students recreated a house puzzle after coloring it.


We loved diving in to the discovery of this book and can’t wait to read the following books.


We will vote next month on our favorite story.