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Order Summer Workbooks by may 7

It is the time of the year that you have the opportunity to order Summer French Workbooks (“Cahier de Vacances”) through FISW. These workbooks cover all the subjects that your child studied during the school year and are an excellent way to prepare for next school year.

This year, the school has decided to offer your choice of workbook free of charge to all interested families.

You have two options: Nathan vacances or Magnard – Tout en un. They cover all subjects. Nathan vacances books have fewer worksheets per subject than Magnard – Tout en un books but they both cover all subjects: French, Math, Social Studies, Science (even an English section at the level of French students learning English as a second language).


Nathan vacances is a good choice if your child won’t work on their summer workbook everyday over the Summer where Magnard – Tout en un is meant for a Summer review with at least a couple of pages per day.

If you are interested, please complete the online order form no later than Friday, May 7 to let us know which of the two options you would like the school to order for you. This is offered by the school, free of charge.

Thank you.