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Les Etoiles Celebrate Carnaval!

(Petits Class)

Masks, confetti, popcorn… Anything goes!!! 

What is the Carnaval?

It’s a traditional French celebration that takes place between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday. The term MARDI GRAS refers to the practice of eating fatty food the day before lent.

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IMG_3321 (002).jpg

Our week in petits class started off with different activities. In art, we decorated masks with paint and sparkles, and kids painted a “tambourine”, which is a musical instrument. We read some books related to the theme “t’choupi se deguise”. We learned a French song, « j’ai un gros nez rouge, deux traits sous les yeux… ».

Ding Dong! at 10h00, “the Etoiles” kids were ready for the parade with their masks and tambourine. We celebrated with music, dancing and confetti throwing!!! After the dance party, we ended our day with some popcorn, as the kids watched how corn kernels turn into popcorn inside the popcorn machine.

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