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Les serpents (Third Grade) Explore avaiation

In the Third Grade Serpents class, we have begun studying aviation. A very interesting subject!! We divided into groups and each worked on a different topic. Each group will create a documentary on their chosen topic and present it to the class!

The Hawker Tempest group is working on French pilot Hélène Boucher. She broke many speed records and fought for women's right to vote in France!

The Spitfire group is working on Amelia Earhart. An American pilot, she was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.

The Flyer group worked on Clément Ader. A French engineer and aviation pioneer who successfully launched the first "airplane."

The Red Baron group is working on the legend of Icare. This famous Greek legend gave humanity the dream of being able to fly.

The Eole group is working on the Red Baron! He was a famous German pilot in World War I.

This month, the third grade class will continue their aviation exploration with an overnight stay at the Museum of Flight, recently named one of the best museum sleepovers in the United States!