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Science Challenge During Distance Learning

With The Cheetahs (3rd/4th Grade)

The CE2/CM1 class got into the science challenge even during this period when students were staying at home and taking distance education. Science is part of the curriculum for the CE2/CM1 class. Since the children were at home, it was difficult to experiment with the whole class to address science concepts.

Therefore, it was imagined making the students think about getting them involved in the scientific process and acquire knowledge of the science curriculum in a playful way by offering them scientific challenges.

These challenges have the advantage of proposing to the students learning that can be done without being in front of the screen, without using print media and from the material available at home.

Each challenge is presented in the same format. It includes: a note on the process of the challenge, the sharing of its realization with the class with the help of small videos shared on Flipgrid and to take stock of the knowledge during a return to E-Class.


Our Challenge #1: The Paper Bridge

The challenge was as follows, the students had to make a paper bridge that could support 2 toy cars or the equivalent load of a cell phone. 

The required dimensions were:  Length 40 cm, width at least 10 cm.

The bridge had to be placed between 2 books, 2 chairs, 2 tables... or be supported on its own pillars or strings and should not be held with the hands.

They could use only material of the house paper, tape, string, scissors...


The student notes

It allows everyone to brainstorm on their project, to take hypotheses and test all ideas. Then the students had to formalize their explanations about the realization of their bridge with drawings and written explanations (photos attached).


Video on Flipgrid

This small video of 2 minutes maximum allows students to share their project with the rest of the class as if they were in class by explaining orally the different steps of their realization. But also, to get feedback from their peers. Here are some videos of the bridges made by the students (Video #1 and video #2).


The point on knowledge

Once the videos have been shared, when we return to E-class, we consolidate the topic, bring in the specific vocabulary and keep track of what we have learned.


The students love this activity and are very imaginative in their ideas or proposals. They do science while having fun and take pleasure in carrying out experiments and sharing them.

Looking forward to the next challenge!

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