friendship with the rockin' llamas

The Rockin’ Llamas (5th grade) have been hard at work learning about friendship and bienveillance during our co-teaching time. We started this period by brainstorming the qualities and characteristics of a good friend in French and English.


At the end of each week throughout the 3rd Period we are doing Friendship Fridays. After first recess, students return to class and on the whiteboard are their friendship instructions.




















Once a number and name are randomly chosen, the students have the lunch hour to reflect on the statement:, _________ is a good friend because ______________. 


Everyone completes their post-its during lunch and when the students return from lunch, they have a nice note at their table space. Then, once they have read their note, they write down one word that describes how the note made them feel. Quietly, students take a tour of the classroom, reading the words written by other students and reflecting on the power of their kind words.