timeline for return to in-person learning

Update November 2:

As you are aware, the Board of Directors and I have taken a cautious and thoughtful approach to reopening our campus to in-person learning because the safety of our students, teachers, and staff is very important. Currently, our campus is open for PS to 1st grade students only. At the same time, we know how important it is for our older students (2nd to 5th grade) to also experience in-person learning. The Board and I met in the past weeks to discuss our reopening criteria for the older grade levels.


In light of the numerous and changing factors that may influence reopening the campus, we developed a more robust decision making framework to bring 2nd - 5th grades back to campus. We decided that we can welcome more students back on campus, even with higher King County numbers because:

  • 90% of our students and 80% faculty staff are in areas that are <75 cases / 100K. 

  • We have been open for two months and our protocols have been working.

  • Many of our older students have siblings already on campus.


We want to continue to take a measured approach to how many children are on campus at one time and the rate at which the increase in numbers occurs.  This will allow us to assure that all safety protocols are functioning well as we increase the number of students in the building.   Therefore, we have developed a plan to reopen our campus to all of our older grades in November utilizing a weekly hybrid in-person/remote model for Grades 2-5. When our older students are not at school in person they will be online. The timeline for reopening is as follows:

  • 3rd and 4th Grades will return to campus on Nov 9. They will be on campus for in-person learning Nov. 9-13, online the week of Nov. 16th, and continue alternating weeks of in-person and online learning.

  • 2nd and 5th Grades will return to campus on Nov. 16. They will be on campus for in-person learning Nov. 16-20, online the week of Nov. 23rd, and continue alternating weeks of in-person and online learning. 


Grades 2-5 will continue in an alternating hybrid model until we are confident protocols are working appropriately with increased capacity on campus prior to consideration of all grades returning to in-person learning full-time. 


The Board of Directors and I will be checking in on our decision matrix and case counts weekly. Returning to full-time in person learning for all grades is very important to the Board, teachers, staff and we know for the parent community as well. Which is why we are making it a priority to do so thoughtfully, safely and for the benefit of all students.


Marco and I will send an email this week with details specific to your grade level.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions that you might have.

Update October 15:

As you know, the COVID-19 case counts are rising after months of decline. For this reason, we will unfortunately not be able to welcome any additional grades back on campus before the Fall Break. The Health and Safety of our student community is our highest priority. We will keep you informed of our re-opening plan as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 Key Indicators released daily by King County.


As cases rise, we are relying on our community to follow CDC guidelines. Thank you for continuing to avoid non-essential travel and limit gatherings with those outside your household. We wanted to share this article from King County Public Health about the importance of these measures to our school safety plans.  All of our efforts inside and outside of school will allow us to stay open for our in-person learners and continue to reopen our upper grades.


Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Thank you for all you do.

Update October 8:

Unfortunately the COVID-19 Key Indicators released yesterday (Oct 7), are going up. As a consequence, we have decided to postpone the in-person start date of our second graders.

We are taking a cautious approach to reopening our school, and we will welcome Second Grade back to in-person learning after the numbers decline.

You can expect an email from us next week confirming our timeline. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Update Oct 1st:

The transition to in-person learning has gone very well for our Kindergarten classes. Based on the COVID-19 Key Indicators reported by the state of Washington on September 23, we will welcome our first graders back to campus on Monday, October 5, two weeks after the return of our Kindergarten classes. We will then phase in our second grade class on Monday, October 12 or Monday, October 19, as supported by the COVID-19 key indicators, followed by the upper grades. Families still have the option to continue to follow classes remotely.

Don't hesitate to
contact Barbara with any questions. We are so happy to welcome our students and teachers back to campus!