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Taught by FISW's own Shelly Irvine - U.S. Navy Security Force, Kenpo Karate Instructor and Brown Belt, Model Mugging 4 time attendee turned Coach and creator of “Get Defensive” at Not Just Fitness in Sausalito, CA.


During this 8-hour class (two 4-hour days) you will learn a multi-faceted approach to self-defense.

This training covers the ABC’s of Self-Defense.  

a)    Awareness. Learn what to look for and how to be aware of your surroundings.  Make yourself a hard target.
b)    Base Techniques. First, learn avoidance and de-escalation.  Then you will learn escape techniques and “take-down” techniques focused on the strengths and body type of women.
c)    Confidence Gain confidence in your new techniques through practice, modeling and intense class drills to instill your newfound skills so they take over in any situation.
This is a hands-on, physical, mental and emotional workshop that will give you a whole new outlook regarding your own strength, independence and safety.


September 14 and 15 (4 hours/days). Group of up to 8 women. We have space for up to 16 to register - if more than 8 sign up, a second date will be offered.

Women's Self Defense Class

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