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Third Grade Chouettes Publish Original Newspaper

The Third Grade Chouettes Class celebrates the publication of their newspaper.

In 3rd grade, the chouette class made their own newspaper: the Chouettes’ Time!

They first studied how a newspaper is made by looking at the Times, The Seattle Times….

Then, they decided the roles they will take on in the creation. The class decided to have artists and writers.

The next goal was to decide what topics to cover. Students decided to talk about sports, because it was the end of the Olympic games and the opening of the Mariners season! Other students decided to interview all the classes to discover what is happening at FISW. Another group wanted to talk about the hot lunch, because it was the second time they were trying hot lunch. One of them wanted to talk about movies. They needed to find something to cover on the front page. They decided as a team to talk about their field trip to the Museum of Flight. And to finish, they needed a page with games and comics. They created sudoku, crosswords, and comic strips.

The 4th graders even asked us for a little page to put advice for kids in our newspaper. The class was proud to see other students ask for a spot in their project.

From A to Z everything was created by them! They are so proud to read it and give it to other classes at FISW. And now, all of you can enjoy their creation here.

- Emilie Gillet, Third Grade French Teacher

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