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The Hot Air Balloons Students (3rd Grade)
Have Pen Pals!

The Third Graders are pleased to announce that they have pen pals!


They have spent the past several weeks analyzing letters (by reading The Day the Crayons Quit of course!) and practicing writing letters back to the crayons as well as to the second graders who have also been working on writing letters.


The students were thrilled to learn that they are going to have pen pals who are also in third grade, but who live in Berkeley, California. Over the summer, their English teacher set up a pen pal network so that the students will be able to write to other students all around the country. Our class was beyond excited to write our first letters, which are going out in the mail this week. We're hoping that our pen pals write back quickly! 


This project will ultimately allow us to write letters to family who live all over the country and the world, as we connect our letter writing to the book Flat Stanley and will be making flat versions of ourselves to send off on an adventure, just like Flat Stanley! 


If you've read this far, take this as your sign to write a note to a friend or family member and surprise them with some mail! The third graders can tell you how exciting it is to get something in the mail!