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New Staff 2021-2022

Sylvie Cote
2nd Grade French Teacher

What is your academic and professional background?

After high school, I obtained the equivalent of a BA degree from the University of Antananarivo. Thereafter, I spent an au pair year in Michigan. Then I went to France to get a technician certificate in the tour operating business before working in the tourism industry for a few years. When I became a mother, I found out teaching suited me better, so I started as a substitute. Afterwards, I successfully passed the exam to become a Professeur des Ecoles in France. Later, I achieved another BA degree for teaching French as a foreign language.

I have been teaching in French primary schools for 17 years now and always in a multilingual environment. I taught in Madagascar, Réunion Island, Tunisia, and I am very happy to live this new experience within the FISW community.

Why did you choose the profession you have today?

Teaching young students became a passion for me and even more when it is related to linguistic and cultural diversity. That is why, in all humility, I have the ambition to accompany future citizens of the World in their initial learnings.

What was your favorite subject when you were a student?

Where did you grow up? Where did you live?

I grew up in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. I lived in all the countries where I taught.
What are your favorite pastimes?

I love travelling. There are so many beautiful people and places to visit.

What is your favorite food?

I label myself “omnivorous” but there is no special food that I would call “favorite”.

What is your favorite place?

Our planet.

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