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The P’tit Loup Helps the Colibri and Papillon Moyens Classes with La Rentrée

The P’tit Loup (the Little Wolf) joined teachers Axelle, Darci, and Ophélie during co-teaching time to welcome the Moyens Classes to school.  He shared with them that he was a little worried about the first day of school, too.  Quickly, though, he remembered the rules at school such as raising your hand to talk, sitting quietly at circle time, and helping clean up the classroom. He was also happy to share that school was a great place to make new friends. 

The P’tit Loup will be checking in with the Colibri and Papillon classes throughout the school year bringing fun stories and important lessons.  And, be on the lookout for a visit from author Orianne Lallemand this coming Spring when the FISW students will get to meet the author and hear the inspiration behind the P’tit Loup.