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Welcome to our New Faculty & Staff 2022-2023 - Part III

Mallory Warner
School Assistant
  • Why did you choose the profession you have today? 

I really enjoy working with and learning from children. I am always impressed with the way their brains solve problems and make sense of the world. The school also provides a great environment for French language and cultural immersion. ​

  • What was your favorite subject when you were a student?

Geography, Science, & History.. and of course French

  • Where did you grow up? Where did you live?

A small town in Northern Michigan

  • What are your favorite pastimes?

I love to cook. When I'm not in school I am probably in the kitchen or reading a cookbook. I also enjoy camping and spending time with my two dogs. 

  • What is your favorite place? 

Anywhere in France but probably Paris

Mallory Warner picture.png
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