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Welcome to our New Faculty & Staff 2022-2023 - Part III

Aline Bloch
Part Time Librarian

Bonjour! My name is Aline Bloch, I am the new librarian at FISW.


I am French mom of 3, I have been living in Issaquah for 15 years. My 3 babies went to FISW.

I love books, I spent over 10 years volunteering in private and public school.

I am a happy, positive “green spirit”, business-owner and creative soul.

I love hiking, painting, singing (in my car), reading, cooking, and doing nothing sometimes (which is rare😊). I am also a Lacrosse and volleyball mom.


I have a dog, a border collie, named Folly, that I trained for agility. I have a guinea pig, named Mocha, and a cat named Six (because he was the sixth member of our family of 5!)

I love challenges. I am a growth mindset, who is always ready to try something new, in my personal and professional life.

My philosophy is : “you’ll never know until you ask or try!”

I am delighted to be part of FISW and over-excited to have your students in the Library, we will do many fun and educational projects together.


Read. Explore. Inspire!



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