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Spectacle Information

Please find here all the important logistics:

  • Drop-off:

We will have two drop-off locations (see plan below): a YELLOW entrance and a GREEN entrance. Parents will be asked to drop off and sign in their child(ren) at one of these two entrances depending on their child(ren)’s class.

Class - Drop-off Location - Drop off Time
Mariana Les Poussins - Green Door - 5:45 pm
Sandra Les Etoiles - Yellow Door - 5:45 pm
Ophélie Les Colibris - Yellow Door - 5:50 pm
Axelle Les Papillons - Yellow Door- 5:50 pm

Patrice Les Cougars - Green Door - 5:55 pm
Julie Les Abeilles - Yellow Door - 5:55 pm
Aicha Les Lutins - Yellow Door - 6 pm

Camille Les Loups - Green Door - 6 pm
Sarah Les Globe-Trotteurs - Green Door - 6 pm
Aurore Les Tigres - Green Door - 6 pm

Frederic Les Panthères Noires - Yellow Door- 6 pm
Mylène Les Aigles Royaux - Yellow Door- 6 pm

  • Doors Open:

The main doors (next to the box office) will open at 6:10 pm. The show will start at 6:30 pm.

  • Seating Capacity:

The capacity of the theater allows for 3 seats per family. Thank you for keeping to these seating guidelines so all families can enjoy the show. Don't hesitate to email us with any questions or concerns.

  • Video Order:

You will have the opportunity to order a video of the show. You can pre-order your copy here and will also be able to do so before the show.

  • Pick-Up:

Petits, Moyens, and Kindergarten students will be dismissed during intermission. You are welcome to return to the theater with your child to enjoy the second half of the show. We ask that you please seat young students on your laps.
All students will be dismissed at the same entrance that they have been dropped off.

  • Garderie:

Garderie on Friday, March 13 will end at 4:30 p.m. 

Drop-off plan Spectacle.jpg
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