The Fossett Engineering Class with the Lutins (1st Grade)

Last week, the first graders went on a field trip to the Museum of Flight and attended the Fossett Engineer class. They learned about the science of flight while exploring the Flight Zone section of the Museum, and through a variety of hands-on activity stations.

In this interactive program, the Lutins and the Loups learned the names of each part of an airplane and discovered how the parts work together.


They experienced imagination-fueled flights in one of the Flight Zone’s real aircrafts and assembled and tested unique gliders. They also built a path with pipes to make a ball change direction while rolling down. In another activity, the Lutins made flying objects and tried to make them fly using the power of air through transparent tubes. The students realized that the more decorations they put on their flying object, the less high the object would fly.


After the hands-on activities, the students visited an aircraft instrumentation area that helped them learn what it takes to control a flying machine. They sat in the cockpits and operated the controls of a real Rotorway Scorpion helicopter, Thorp T-18 homebuilt aircraft, and a P-47D replica.

Finally, the students visited the exhibition to see all the impressive aircrafts there and were very excited to get inside two of the gliders.

The first graders were very happy with their experience at the Museum of Flight and came back to school with their heads full of dreams to become great pilots!