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Les lapins au théâtre

Les lapins were very excited to go to see the play Pinocchio at the Carco theater in Renton.

First, it was our first fieldtrip as real students. Before the field trip we talked about the rules we will have to follow in the theater: moving in line from the lobby to our seat, sitting correctly on our chairs during the show, quietly watching the show, moving and talking only if and when the actors asked the spectators to do so. We did an amazing job. Everybody praised our fantastic behavior in a public space. Plus, we were so cute wearing our school t-shirts.

Once we returned to our class, we discussed everything we saw during the show, and we expressed our opinions about the characters of the play and the action on stage. We each had our favorite moment.


“Wait a minute, can we make our own show in class? Of course, we can!”


As we were just studying the story ‘’Roule galette’’, we decided to adapt it in class and turn it into a play. Each of us chose a character from the story. We used the puppets to prevent even a shy child from feeling any stage fright: ’’It is not me who is talking, it is the puppet, right?’’ Plus, we now express ourselves in short sentences in French. We also tried to make the voices of the characters: the voice of the bunny, the wolf, the bear and the fox. We even had the class chorus sing between parts, ‘’Je suis la galette’’.


Even during our free time, playing puppets behind the stage became our preferred activity. “Hmm, how about a play on dinosaurs,” said a student?, “Can we make a play with planets?” said another one. “Nobody can compete with princesses, right?” All the students were right. The job of a preschooler is to play. And when playing a part in a play, it is even more fascinating. We have so much fun in our class while learning new and exciting things!