Les Petits Lapins Celebrate Spring

La classe des Lapins (Petits 3 Mornings & 5 Full Days) celebrated spring with caterpillars, butterflies and dragonflies.

Les Lapins were very excited to celebrated spring with art, dance, theater, and science related to insects.


The class listened to the story La petite chenille qui fait des trous (‘’The very hungry caterpillar’’). They remembered all the fruits and they learn new food articles in French.

They were also fascinated by the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

As a result,  they found their own way to express the whole scientific process: through an art project. First, they created a butterfly egg using a lot of glitter, as the egg was shinning in the light of the moon in the book. Next, they practiced in math the algorithm of two colors while painting and coloring the caterpillar and the cocoon by alternating colors. They even learned how to create the shades of the caterpillar by alternating dark green and light green. The most exciting moment was to paint a butterfly while learning about symmetry. What is the symmetry in a petits class? It is something magical. You put all the colors on only half the page and you close the second white half on top of it. You absolutely have to say the magic formula ‘’abracadabra’’. You open, and you get the most beautiful butterfly in the world! Our class right now is a meadow filled with butterflies.

Le Lapins also watched a real-life video that presented the whole process of the metamorphosis of a butterfly. The caterpillar was so hungry, exactly like in the book! She was also eating her eggshell. This was not in the book. We looked at different books presenting all kinds of butterflies and learning extra information about their life.

How about dance and creative movement? We learned in the gym how to crawl like a caterpillar: All the students of our class formed a huge caterpillar together. It was not easy to coordinate the movements with our classmates, but a caterpillar has so many legs. We also enjoyed the visit of a lady from Thistle Theatre who thought us how to dance like a dragonfly. We used the same dance with the butterflies we created in class.

Now we know everything about butterflies. We are ready to observe them everywhere in the nature. We can even teach you if you have some questions.