A Poem Created By The Pinguins (3rd Grade)

Last week, the students' poetry of the week was written by...

students in the class!

They created the poem during a broadcast where everyone reflected on ideas and rhymes on the theme of our wishes for the new year. The students put all the ideas together, changed the structure, and sometimes supplemented each other's ideas to arrive at their new poetry written by The Penguins!

Poeme Les Pingouins 3rd Grade.JPG

English Translation:

The New Year

I want us to discover a vaccine,

Which will be found by all the doctors.

The whole world will be saved,

And everyone can rest.


It's going to be super cool,

The coronavirus will find itself quite powerless.

I want no one, for this new year

To have any desire to cry anymore.


We can throw away our masks,

Take back our raincoats and our bags,

And all the children will go back to school

To sing, dance, and link hands.


All the children will be happy again.

We will live in a new happy world

And finally, for this new year,

We will all be able to travel again!

                                        The Penguin Class