Green School Project

Dear FISW community,


The FISW is aiming at becoming a sustainable school!

We are glad to announce that the school recently enrolled in the King County Green Schools Program.

To become more sustainable, the school will be working on its waste generation, water, and energy conservation. 


Elementary students are currently working on waste sorting posters and waste reduction strategies! 

Everyone within the FISW community is encouraged to join our effort to better protect our planet! Everyday life actions and reflection have a great impact on raising awareness among students. Their efforts deserve to be supported by the whole FISW community.  The more we are, the greater our impact!


Therefore, the school will be launching a "Waste Reduction Week" event from Monday, June 7th to Friday, June 11th!
Everyone in the FISW community is welcomed and encouraged to participate: students, parents, teachers, and staff members! The goal of this week is to reduce the whole school waste production: food waste, food packaging, paper savings, and so much more by practicing the 3Rs rule: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Here are some ideas of what you can do to embark on this amazing journey here

Here is a very well-made app (you just need to scroll down to see the slide show) to better understand what's recyclable, what's not, and why :

Every action counts! Together, we can have a greater impact!


Please, feel free to ask should you have any questions regarding this event.

Green school.JPG

"An immense wildfire is consuming the jungle. Terrified, animals are fleeing in all directions. Only on hummingbird, relentlessly, go back and forth from the river to the blaze, a tiny waterdrop in his beak at a time, to drop it into the fire. The toucan with a huge beak says : 
"You are crazy, hummingbird, you clearly see that this is useless"
"Yes, I know" answers the colibri, "but I'm doing my part"....

Thank you for your support! 


Have a wonderful week!

The Green Team