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Kindness With The Lutins (1st Grade) To The Globe Trotters (2nd Grade) For Valentine's Day

What a busy and awesome week before the break! 


As part of the curriculum of Character Education, the Lutins worked on the value of kindness. They first discussed what means the word Kindness, how they can be kind to people around them, and how they can do to show their kindness?


And then, the Lutins planned to make cards and offer gifts to the Globe-Trotters (Second graders). It was also a great way to build the bridge first to second grade and to get the Lutins to think about their next grade class. The Lutins were very excited to prepare the cards and to put the bags full of gifts in front of the Globe-Trotters door 😊 Can you imagine the happiness of the Lutins at that moment? When Aicha asked them what they felt when they gave the gifts to the second graders, they all said that they felt very happy!!! 

How a proud teacher Aicha was!