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New teachers 2020-2021

Delphine Bernière
French Preschool (Petite Section) Teacher

What is your personal and professional background? I am French, born in Paris. I grew up west of Paris, and I was lucky enough to have a house in the countryside of Normandy where I spent all my weekends and vacations. It’s because of this that I discovered this magnificent region with its cows and its Percheron horses. It’s there that I learned to horseback ride, bike ride, play tennis, and take long hikes. Often in the Fall, we went foraging for mushrooms, more specifically bolete mushrooms. After I completed higher education in Paris, I began working. It was there that I met my husband, and we soon married. We were fortunate to live in Nice and Maastricht (in the Netherlands) for his work. After several years, we had the opportunity to leave France with our two daughters and our dog to explore new horizons. We were in effect a global family. My brother lives in Perth, Australia and my sister in Geneva. For this reason, we have a thirst for international culture and its rich and varied experiences.


What attracted you to your current profession? Since I was very young, that is to say CP (1st Grade), I always wanted to become a school teacher. I remember well my first grade teacher who I admired. I loved walking her to her car every evening after school. My dream became a reality. Today, I am completely fulfilled by my work; I love to share my culture and create beautiful projects with the children. They are my source of inspiration. I am never bored with them, they never judge me, and they have an extraordinary joie de vivre.


What do you like to do in your free time? I also love to cook and to spend time with family and friends.


What is your favorite dish? My favorite dish? Hmmm…let’s see…Osso Bucco…it’s a kind of stew. 


Is there something unusual you would like to share with us? I have a little secret to share with you:

When I was a little girl, I often saw my mom lying out in the sun…only in Normandie, there are a lot of clouds…and to make her happy, I would like to invent a cloud fan that would make the clouds disappear to uncover the sun hidden behind them.


Another secret? Alright, I’ll tell you everything…inventing a massage robot. I really like massages, and this helps me sleep at night. Ok, now you know all of my little secrets. I can’t wait to discover yours!

Samuelle Eeckhoutte
French Pre-K (Moyenne Section) Teacher

What is your personal and professional background? I grew up in the north of France in a little town named La Chapelle d'Armentieres, close to the Belgian border. I came to the States at 19 years old to be a nanny, back in 1990! I have three children that have all attended FISW, one still attending. Emeline is 22 years old attending college in Utah, Rose 18 years old attending Bellevue College and Eliot who is 9 in 5th grade at FISW. All three are bilingual, which is the reason I had them attend FISW. It was important for me that they could speak French, especially when we go visit my family, as most of them do not speak English. 

What attracted you to your current profession? I have a long history with FISW, my older daughter started in Moyen back in 2002, and I started working as a Teacher Assistant in 2004 for the Summer Camps, then in the classroom for the 2004/2005 school year. I taught in all levels of Maternelle, with my favorite being the Kindergarten. After many years of my colleagues trying to push me to go back to school to get a teaching degree, I did in 2005 and I just graduated, this past June, with a BA in Elementary Education. I decided to accept a position in Moyen at FISW as it will be easier to work where my son goes to school, but also because I love working at FISW.


What do you like to do in your free time? In my downtime I like hanging out at home, but also going to the movie theater (having done that in a while though... hopefully soon!) I love playing board games with my son and daughters when they are around; our favorite of the moment is "Cover your Assets" but we are also discovering "Bicycle Race". If I could go live anywhere it would be around Nyons in the Drome region of France. That is my favorite area to be, as my family and I spent most summer vacation camping in a little town called St Jalle. I used to love going in the lavender fields to pick some. One year I participated in the apricot harvest. 

What is your favorite dish? Your favorite place? Even though I am French, I don't really like cooking and am not the greatest cook. That has caused some good laughs throughout my 30 years in the US!!! I also don't care for wine much. I do love my mom's favorite meal to cook, which is a couscous! I love travelling, this past august my son and I went on a road trip to San Diego to pick up my older daughter! We had so much fun camping, staying in hotels, and visiting places. I want to do it again but this time drive to the East coast! But my ultimate dream would be to travel to Australia!

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