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Historical Timelines
with the Third Grade Montgolfières

The Hot Air Balloons students enjoyed discovering an introduction to the history of France since the time of the dinosaurs! We approached the subject by constructing our own timeline covering the 4 main periods since prehistoric times.

20210916_200410493_iOS 1.jpg

The students discovered how to write some of the Roman numerals, which they found quite interesting. They asked a lot of questions about the past, and they also had many comments about some of the famous people we covered. They especially love Charlemagne, which is no surprise, as we have him to thank for learning so much while in school. After learning at what cost Louis XIV successfully manage to aggrandize the city of Paris, many students agreed that maybe he was not such a nice person after all and might have been on the contrary quite selfish. His second name being Le Roi Soleil, they started to wonder how he earned this name.

After learning all of this interesting history, many of the students would like to visit Paris. Don’t mind them if they beg you to go visit some museums! They were really into the different ways of living. Just keep in mind that not having cars, planes, computers, electricity, running water, heat, and windows, not to mention restaurants, though difficult was also fascinating to them.

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