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Head of School Search

Announcing FISW's New Head of SchooL:

Yvan Tabellion


The FISW Board of Directors is delighted to announce Yvan Tabellion as our next Head of School. He began his new role in July 2022.

The Search Committee and Board found it clear that Yvan embodies the values of FISW and our child-centered philosophy. He firmly believes in FISW's mission and vision, and their power to inspire both students and teachers. Yvan has extensive experience in the French and American educational systems and believes in the value of a bilingual, bicultural education. Yvan demonstrated he has the leadership skills and the passion to lead FISW as we move forward. Yvan is ready to continue the progress we are making with strengthening the academic program, the building purchase, and record enrollment. It became evident during the search process that Yvan was the right leader for our school now and into the future, and as such, he has been hired as our permanent Head of School. 

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Interim Head Search

The French Immersion School of Washington (FISW) and the Board of Directors seek an Interim Head of School (Head).  As the chief executive officer of the school, the Head is charged with the overall responsibility for the school. The Head will execute the stated mission and vision of the school, manage faculty and staff (with the assistance of the Senior Administrative Team) and ensure the financial health of the institution. The Head must have solid knowledge of the management functions of an independent international school: admissions, finance, curricula, governance, marketing and development,  in addition to pedagogical leadership. 

The  Head must continue and build upon FISW’s strong child-centric philosophy. The next Head will be passionate about educating young children, will value faculty and staff, and will command respect as an inspiring, effective and visionary leader.  

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