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Welcome From our Head of School

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the French Immersion School of Washington, an independent school dedicated to educating bilingual students from preschool to 5th grade in a nurturing environment. Our program is unique, offering an engaging and challenging curriculum taught by an outstanding faculty in two languages.


Our rigorous bilingual program teaches students the skills and knowledge they need to become independent and flexible young adults in an ever-changing world: fundamentals for good decision making, critical thinking, and problem solving; excellent social skills; techniques for effective and clear communication; an education that promotes adaptability, a strong understanding of the sciences, and a broad cultural exposure and appreciation of the arts. 


Our classrooms are lively, thanks to our skilled and caring faculty, whose focus is to allow each student to discover the love of learning, and to realize their full potential. Our American and French faculties draw from teaching methods very specific to their cultures. The French faculty teaches students to observe the world that surrounds them, to ask powerful questions, to draw conclusions, to be analytical, to always see more than one side of a problem. The American faculty empowers students to be creative and to think outside the box, and encourages them to welcome mistakes as learning opportunities. Both partner with parents to instill a growth mindset in our students, so that our children learn to welcome challenges, and to know firsthand that with effort and hard work, they can overcome any difficulty. 


For nearly two decades, FISW has educated remarkable students. They are adaptable, resilient, think independently and critically, are very creative, incredibly open-minded, and are respectful of different cultures. They not only learn in two languages, but they also acquire the different thought-processes uniquely characteristic to each language. They therefore develop different ways to think, to process concepts, and to approach problems.


Our teachers and I are incredibly proud of our students, and the bilingual education they receive.  We hope that you will come and visit us in person at our campus in Bellevue. We offer weekly tours, where you will be given the opportunity to visit classes and experience our bilingual program in action. Bienvenue à FISW. We look forward to meeting with you soon!


With best wishes,


Barbara Greiner

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