A letter from the Head of School and the Board Chair to welcome our faculty and staff back on campus

Dear FISW Community,


Every year, our faculty comes back to school on campus a week and half before our students to prepare for the year in front of us. The pré-rentrée is a very important time where teachers and assistants are getting ready to welcome back their students through preparation of their classrooms, curriculum-planning with their co-teachers, and continued professional development, etc. This year, the pré-rentré was different: our faculty came back masked and distanced, and  followed trainings to welcome their students on campus (preschool), or to start the year remotely ( K-5th).


Today, it was evidenced that our faculty and staff are eager to welcome their students as they begin or continue their educational journey at FISW. They know that the year ahead of us will be challenging, and they remain committed to delivering an excellent bilingual education in a welcoming environment. They are also committed to partnering with you to ensure a safe environment. They know that the overall success of this school year will require each of us working closely together, following protocols, listening to one another, and doing our part to contribute to positive and safe school experience.


As the Head of School and Board Chair, we want to acknowledge the incredible work our faculty and staff did last year, and to extend our gratitude to them for their commitment to our students, our school, and our bilingual program. We also want to thank the parents and families for their support through difficult times, and for their kind words and patience as we were developing our COVID-19 policies and protocols. We are humbled by the community’s commitment to our mission and know that it will guide us through these difficult times. It will allow us to deliver an excellent education to all our students and strengthen our FISW community.

With gratitude,


 Barbara Greiner – Head of School

Theresa Mosier – Board Chair


Barbara Greiner, Head of School


Theresa Mosier, Board Chair