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Growth Mindset With The Phoenix Class (5th Grade)
By Darci Aspinall 

During the month of September, The Phoenix Class has been working on Social emotional Learning (SEL).


Our specific focus has been building a Growth Mindset and setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals for ourselves. We worked on this project throughout our co-teaching time which occurs twice per week. We started by learning about what it means to have a Growth Mindset. We role-played and the students created a fortune teller to use with a friend. They asked questions about the future and had their classmate work the fortune teller to give them a positive message. 

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Then, having focused on positive growth, students worked on goal setting. They came up with two academic goals (one in French and one in English), a personal goal and finally a goal for the future. Some students looked to the distant future (I see a new bakery on the horizon.) and some students simply focused on the end of 5th grade and their upcoming transition to middle school.


We created mobiles to share our goals and we hung these in the classroom.


We will check-in after the first of the year to see how we are doing and possibly revaluate our goals if necessary.

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