2020! Don't forget to vote

with the golden eagles

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2020 is an important historical year because it is the centennial of the women's right to vote in The United States. The 5th grade students (Golden Eagles) are participating in this celebration!


To do so in their history classes, they have studied the history of the French Revolutions and the five French Republics during the months of September and October. They discovered that half of the population - the women- did not have the right to vote for more than half a century. Last November, they started to learn about the right to vote in The United States and about the Women's Suffrage Movement. For the next coming months, each student will select a suffragist woman, make research on her, and present her biography and work to their class. They also plan to have parents come in class to talk about the women’s vote in the country they come from. They will also make some research on women in their family and will choose one of them to celebrate he life by embroidering her initials. They will finish the year in Paris with a guided visit of the French Senate.

The Golden Eagles also had the privilege to be selected to participate in a contest called le parlement des enfants (The Children French Assembly). It is a wonderful contest organized by the French Senate and the AEFE (Agency for Teaching French Abroad). Approximately 1000 classes around the world have been selected. This contest teaches the role of representatives and clarify the process to vote on a bill. This year, the theme of the contest is: equality between women and men.


Our 5th grade students have studied the duties of the French Representatives and the operation of the National Assembly. They will soon draft a bill on promoting equality in the French society between genders. The 1000 classes that have been selected will also draft a bill on the same topic. A jury composed of French Senators and Educators will look at all the bills and will only select four according to the originality of the ideas and the ability to defend them.  After that selection, the 1000 classes will have to act as senators and send their electronic vote for one bill only. Our 5th grade students will participate in this ballot.

This project is very relevant for our bilingual and multicultural students. It helps them understand the links between American and French history and show them how they are part of our world's history.

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