What do plants need to grow?

A bilingual project in the Globe-Trotteurs class.

Friday afternoon is co-teaching time for the students of the Globe-Trotteurs class. In September, we worked on a common science project: the plants and their needs.

The goal of our first session was to spend time observing plants, flowers, and leaves in the parking lot. It was a very good way for the students to learn the names of the parts of a plant both in English and French.

During our second session, the students had to answer this question: what do you think plants need to grow?

Guess what their hypothesis were? Water, sun, and soil. Do you think they are right? Let’s verify with experiments in class, but we must be patient … the results will be seen over the next couple days.

For our third co-teaching session, the students became scientists. They re-potted young lettuce plants and set up their own experiments.

The last session took place out of school. This past Friday, we went on a field trip to the Bellevue Botanical Garden to learn more about what plants need in terms of soil. We observed different types of materials like pebbles, sand, pumice, and clay and did some percolation tests. It was awesome to work with pipettes, test tubes and beakers like real scientists!

We then changed jobs.  We became gardeners and prepared the best soil for our Hen & Chicks plant to take home.