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Let’s Play Board Games with the Globe-Trotteurs (Second Grade)!

These past two weeks, the students had a really fun math challenge to do: imagine and create the rules for a board game. More than 300 classes from the French North America district schools have participated in this challenge. The main objective was to develop teamwork and problem solving skills, which actually are a big part of our character education program at FISW.

Let’s be creative and imaginative!

The constraints were to use a specific board, dice and colored dots. 

First, the students spent time to share their ideas together about a way to play the game. They had many discussions about what rules could work or not, and had to change their first ideas  based on the issues they encountered. Finally, the students agreed on only one rule and decided to name the game: Le jeu de l’escalier (The game of the stairs)


Let’s write, build and draw together!

The task had been divided in 4 work stations: drawing the board, writing the setting and the rules and building the pieces. The students chose what kind of task they wanted to be in charge of. Each team worked autonomously and the students could asked for help if they needed specific material to build the pieces, or advices about the way to organize their texts and draw on the board.


Let’s play together! 

The students are pretty proud of their work: they are really excited about the idea to play with a game they build by themselves. They have already planned to lend the Dragons’ class the game for the first graders to play with. If you want to learn to play Le jeu de l’escalier, print the rules and the board at home, and just have fun!