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Where Everybody Belongs!

By Emilie, english Teacher, Pre-K and K

In March, the FISW teachers, assistants, and staff had a wonderful opportunity to showcase all the work we have done in the classroom with your children on diversity and inclusion. From our Petites Sections all the way to our 5th graders, all our students on campus and at home have had great discussions on diversity, and they have worked hard on making their work visible.


Today, I would like to give you a glimpse of two of my students’ oral presentations in the Cougars Class (K) on some of their families' cultural celebrations.


On February 22, Michelle presented the Lunar New Year to our class. Michelle explained to us that this is a celebration that connects her family back to Vietnam, which is where Michelle’s grandmother is from. She also told us about the lucky color red, and about the lion and dragon dances that scare the evil spirits away. It was amazing to see how much the rest of the Kindergarten students already knew about the celebration. The children were able to draw parallels to things that they had already experienced in real life, in books, or in previous discussions with their parents. Michelle did an amazing job at presenting some pictures, and she even opened up her presentation to some Q&As at the end!


Then, on March 22, it was Perla’s turn to present her family’s traditions for the Persian Nowruz (Persian New Year). Perla told us how it is tradition for family members to visit each other over a period of two weeks, but that it was harder this year due to COVID-19. She told us about the fire festival where children and grown-ups had to jump over fires – this was particularly fascinating for our Kindergarten students. And we also learned about the seven items that should be present at Nowruz to represent Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Humans, Animals and Plants. We learned a lot!  


It was a wonderful experience to see these two young Kindergartners take the lead. They were so happy to be sharing something so meaningful with their classmates. We will keep on working on diversity and inclusion until the end of the school year.


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Additional photos of Michelle:

Additional photos of Perla: