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The Native American Tribes

With Megan And the Penguins (3rd Grade)


Our 3rd graders have spent the last few weeks learning all about Native American tribes and traditions from the PNW.


We've read some legends, and learned that Raven is known as the trickster, but that he helps the people by stealing important things like the sun for them. The Penguins also made some wonderful PNW style art that has been posted to our class padlet here if you'd like to marvel at their talent.


But the most exciting part has been our virtual visits with Mr. huy' didahalqid, a member of the Snohomish tribe. He's been kind enough to teach us some Lushootseed (the local First Language) and tell us about song and dance!


The students loved being able to ask him questions and learn more about tribes from the PNW!